Daily Cookies

Cookies are the perfect option if you need something that can sit out without refrigeration, and something that is a bit smaller in size.

We offer an assortment of cookies daily, ranging from the classic chocolate chip, to other Persian influenced cookies such as our versaille!

Mexican Wedding Cookies – $0.50 each – made with butter, sugar, and walnuts

Almond Flake – $1 – made with almond flour, sugar, and egg whites

Almond Heart – $1 – made with almond flour and sugar

Pecan Tart – $1.50 – pecans and apricot preserve in a small sweet tart shell

Almond honey bar – $2.50 – made using almonds, honey, orange zest, and a cookie base

Versaille – $0.75 – made using almonds, honey, saffron, and a cookie base

M&M – $1.50 – a chocolate chip cookie decorated with delicious M&M candies

Chocolate Chip – $1 – a classic chocolate chip cookie

Sprinkle – $1 – a sugar cookie covered in rainbow sprinkles

Snickerdoodle- $1 – a cinnamon twist on our sugar cookie

Double fudge- $0.50 each – filled with chocolate chips and a delicious brownie-like texture

Raspberry Pocket – $1.50 – filled with raspberry preserve and dipped partially in chocolate

Peanut Butter- $0.50 each – made with peanut butter, eggs and sugar

Chocolate dipped Peanut Butter- $1 – made with peanut butter, eggs, and sugar, and dipped into chocolate

Raspberry or Apricot Shortbread – $1 – 2 layers of a thin shortbread sandwiching raspberry or apricot preserve

Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti – $1 – An almond based cookie mixed with chocolate chips and partially dipped in chocolate


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