Our Story

Our Mission Statement: C’est Si Bon bakery is a team of dedicated artists creating expressive and inspired cakes, celebrating individuality to the highest degree, and manifesting an open space where our customers can bake their dreams into reality!

A little bit about us…

C’est Si Bon was born in a small Melbourne, Australia kitchen over 30 years ago. Sepi, the bakery founder and inspiration, began by making small handmade Persian cookies for herself and her friends in Sydney. Her love of cooking and baking led her to open a small cafe in Sydney, called Cafe Maxim, in which she was free to explore running a small business as well as expanding her knowledge about cooking and baking.

Fast forward 15 years and a couple of business ventures later, C’est Si Bon Bakery is well into it’s 14th year of business in San Jose, California, run by a dedicated staff including Sepi and her daughters. What started as a modest cake shop with Persian sweets on the side slowly evolved into the South Bay Area’s recognized custom cake shop for designer cakes. While Persian sweets are still available every year for Persian New Years, our flagship products are customized cakes and cupcakes for any event!

While C’est Si Bon is no longer run solely by family members, our team consists of people who treat each order with an eye for detail, a penchant for perfection and a determination to outdo ourselves at every chance.

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