Holidays 2019

The Holidays are among us! Share the love by pre-ordering some delicious desserts for your upcoming Holiday events!


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Here are some popular options to consider for this holiday season.

9″ pies, feeds 8-10

$22-25 each

Available in banana cream, dutch apple, chocolate truffe, or pumpkin! Order with 7+ days notice.

We will have some pies available first-come first-served on Thanksgiving eve and Christmas eve.

Yule logs

$32 for 8″ inches, $44 for 12″ inches, or $56 for 16 inches

Made with vanilla chiffon cake, iced in chocolate ganache and can be filled in vanilla custard, whipped cream, raspberry cream, strawberry cream, chocolate truffle cream, hawaiian cream (raspberry pineapple), cookies and cream, cream cheese, cappuccino cream, or burnt almond filling.

Candy Cane cookies

$2.50 each

Made with sugar cookie dough in two colors

Peppermint chocolate cupcake 

$4.50 each

Made with chocolate cake, chocolate truffle whipped cream, mint chocolate ganache and mint chocolate hersheys kiss

Customized Christmas Cupcakes

$5-6 each

Can be any flavor + filling with pre-order

Giant Christmas Cupcake

Feeds 10 servings


Can be any flavor and filling with pre-order

Customized Christmas Cupcakes with buttercream

$3.50-$4.50 each

Can be any flavor with pre-order

Mexican Wedding Cookie

$0.50 each

Made with flour, sugar, butter, walnuts

Available in store daily or can order larger quantities with 3 days notice


Peppermint Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods with

$2 each

Can be white or regular chocolate with peppermint pieces

Available by pre-order only


Mixed cookies – $20/tray

Available in store closer to holidays or by pre-order year round


Candy Cane Swirl Cupcakes

$3.50 each

Can be any flavor with pre-order

Christmas Wreath Pullapart

$45 with 8 pieces

Can choose your flavors with pre-order