Steps to Order
Step 1: Get inspired! To begin the cake ordering process, search pinterest or google images for cakes that may suit your needs and themes. For example one could try searching "50th anniversary cake", "batman sheet cake", "chanel custom cake", "blue baby shower cake" etc. At C'est Si Bon, we define our different style of cakes in the following ways: Custom cakes, sheet cakes, and stacked sheet cakes. Although all cakes can be customized in both flavor and decoration to suit your occasion, the term "custom cake" is reserved for any cake which exceed 4" in height. They can be covered in either buttercream frosting or fondant icing for a starting price of $5 per serving or $6.75 per serving respectively. Wedding cakes are always in this category. In contrast, "sheet cakes" can be described as any cake with a height of 3" or lower. They can be round, square, rectangular, or shaped! Pricing for these is heavily dependent on flavors and number of servings needed. Sheet cakes can be iced in whipped cream, buttercream, or ganache chocolate. Fondant icing is a premium priced option, creating an almost flawless effect for the outside of your cake. To create a "custom" effect for a more cost effective cake, we organize "stacked sheet cakes" in their own category. We can stack sheet cakes iced in either buttercream or fondant to achieve a tiered effect and allow more space for wall decorations, vs. flat surface decorations on top of the cake. Step 2: Get a Quote! Send the top 2 pictures to along with the number of servings needed and the date and time of your event. We are currently accepting orders confirmed between 7 and 14 days prior to pick-up. To help us understand your custom needs, feel free to provide the event's cake budget. Within 36 hours, you will receive a response in which a staff member has provided an accurate price quote and further instructions to guide you through the ordering process. Orders are finalized with a 50% nonrefundable deposit, changes are not accepted after 7 days prior to pick up. Further instructions as well as our cancellation policy cane be found on our Terms and Conditions Page.