Wedding Cakes
What a joyous occasion! At C'est Si Bon, we understand that when two people commit to life-long love and communication, all details of this beautiful ceremony must be perfect. We offer free cake tastings to couples getting ready to embark on this journey together and invite a couple of extra critical tasting buddies to join along. Please call or email to schedule a cake tasting with us. SUNDAYS: 10am - 1pm on the hour TUESDAYS: 12pm - 5 pm on the hour THURS/FRI: 12pm - 5pm on the hour If you are a bride or groom currently planning a wedding with one of the amazing event halls and planners which use C'est Si Bon cakes, please send your pictures and ideas to our email and we will be in contact shortly. Groom's cakes are a modern tradition that allow brides to get their new hubby something designed specifically for them and their groomsmen to enjoy together. Please let us help you surprise your groomby sending us ideas or pictures of things he likes! The following pictures are just a few of the wedding cakes our brides have trusted us with throughout the past 10 years. We hope you enjoy their designs and that they may help inspire new ideas for your cake on your big day!