Smash Cakes
Smash cakes are an adorable personal surprise for your child to enjoy, smash, eat, and play with! At C'est Si Bon, you have the option of purchasing a smash cake starting at $15, adding a smash cake to your initial order for just $10, or getting a free one with any order amounting over $200. (Free smash cakes are reserved for children's birthdays between the ages of 1 and 4) Orders for smash cakes must be placed at the time of initial ordering 7-14 days in advance, so please remember to mention your interest in a personal cake at that time. Here are a few examples of smash cakes we have made in the past. Some of the options shown below have size upgrades and decoration upgrades. We would be happy to price them out for you when you stop by the store, call in, or send us an email! Enjoy, cake friends 🙂